Bulk Cargo Stevedoring Services

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Bulk Stevedoring

Global Clearing House Systems have been qualified for Kuwait Ports Authorities to provide Bulk Cargo Stevedoring Services..

  • Global Clearinghouse Systems has marked itself among Ports Stevedoring Companies as one of the Leading Companies in Kuwait for the Stevedoring Services for all type of Cargos including Bulk Cargos for different type of Materials including Aggregate, Cement, Clinker, Gypsum…etc, General Cargos, and any type of Cargos been carried by all Type of Vessels.

  • The Stevedoring Services provided by GCS’s Professional Teams include Conventional Loading, Grab Discharge, Handling of Cargos by State of the Art Technology of Mobile Harbour Cranes.

  • GCS is capable of discharging minimum of 60,000 MT / Day for Bulk Cargos using its Mobile Harbour Cranes and highly skilled Manpower capable of handling any type of Cargo.

  • We have the most modern processing equipment available to ensure a precise, efficient and smooth cargo handling. We never compromise on safety and quality - your cargo will always be in safe hands with us.

  • Partnership with both international and National bodies.

Provide the following Equipment for the Stevedoring Services

  • 4 Mobile Harbor Cranes..

  • 10 Wheel Loaders

  • 10 Hoppers

Bulk Stevedoring Solution


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