Chairman Message

Dr. Mohamed Ismail Al-Ansari
Chairman and CEO.

The customs project is an ambitious one and stems from a new-found appetite for reform and progress at the level of the Government and the Customs Directorate. The approach may be adopted by other Gulf States as it provides a fast-track, turnkey solution for countries that are looking for quick results.' He continued, 'This highlights the growing appreciation for the role of the private sector in achieving greater regional customs integration as well as the Government of Kuwait's.

GCS aims to establish a specialized Company in Customs administrations Management and Modernization strategies that enable countries around the globe to integrate successfully into the world economy. A market leader in offering world class business solutions for Customs Modernization and Reform programs in Implementing and roll out, state of the art software to improve customs process and increase revenue Balance and develop cargo flows Construct and develop infrastructure of customs facilities to increase commercial value Provide comprehensive Security Solutions.