Our Social Responsibility

Misr Al Khair

  • Ambassador of "Misr Al Khair Foundation”.

    Dr. Ali Gomaa, Chairman of the Board "Misr Al Khair Foundation” and Dr. Mohamed Ismail Al Ansari Chairman & CEO., Global Clearing House Systems (GCS) signed a memorandum of understanding stating that Dr. Mohamed Ismail Al Ansari will assume the duties of Ambassador of "Misr Al Khair" Foundation in the Gulf States.

    Dr. Ali Gomaa said that this cooperation will be fruitful and will continue especially in light of the positive joint relations between Egypt and Kuwait in various fields.

    Dr. Mohammed Al Ansari Chairman & CEO., Global Clearing House Systems said, “I honored to be the Ambassador of "Misr Al Khair Foundation”, he continued: "let’s work together to serve our people in Egypt through different projects to serve humanity".

The Indian Abacus

  • The Indian Abacus

    Dr. Mohamed Ismail Al Ansari Chairman & CEO., Global Clearing House Systems (GCS), the Chief Guest inaugurated the competition and honored with bouquet and the memento for the occasion by Mr. N Basheer Ahamed, CMD and Inventor – Indian Abacus.

    The Indian Abacus is an educational counting tool for learning to do fast and accurate mental arithmetic, more particularly it helps in enhancing their brain skills such as CONCENTRATION, VISUALIZATION, Listening Skill, Self Confidence, speed and Accuracy by activating the right brain. Helps students to overcome the fears of mathematics and Academic excellence in all subjects.

    Dr. Mohammed Ismail Al Ansari, spoke about the Abacus method of teaching addition and subtraction concept is more easily understood by the children than the conventional method. Children associated with Indian abacus learning, who are aware of the images have powerful impact on the mind and hence the superiority of abacus training over the conventional training. It lays a strong foundation in understanding the concept. Abacus learning lays a strong academic foundation giving the children very alert and sharp mental abilities, a rare asset which helps to achieve academic excellence. He has evinced interest in introducing Indian Abacus program in Kuwait.