K9 Services
Safety, Service and Security.

K9 Services

  • K9 Program

    Our canine detection unit was created as part of the Kuwait Customs’ 3rd program project, with the main objective of our contract agreement to support the security of the nation. K9 provides canine services to Kuwait Customs modernization portfolio, that includes research and training of detection canines and handlers.

    Our carefully selected canines within the unit are divided into 3 specialized categories - explosives, narcotics and money detection, each with a dedicated and qualified handler.

    Our purpose built K9 unit sits on a site of 11,000 sqm and holds 72 climate-controlled large dog kennels,along with a 6-block isolation unit,veterinary clinic,outdoor exercise area complete with agility equipment, and a purpose-built indoor and outdoor "real world scenario" training area. Within the office building we have a dedicated educational class room specifically for teaching a variety of canine related courses to the Kuwaiti custom supervisors and our GCS handlers.

Services We Currently Provide

  • Selection, testing, purchasing and training of dogs for detection work.

  • Mandatory presence of our K9 teams to control and inspect all entrance and exit ports around State of Kuwait, passenger inspection points and their goods,cargo areas, as well markets and any public area required by Kuwaiti customs.

  • On call canines with handlers ready to deploy 24 hours a day , 7 days a week.

  • Professional training programs for Kuwaiti custom officers and handlers.

  • Providing canine adapted transport and external facilities for use at border locations.

Typical working situations

  • Vehicles (inside and outside)

  • Cargo warehouses

  • Cargo containers and pallets

  • Aircrafts

  • Airport baggage area

  • Borders

  • Roadsides

  • Boats and marine areas

K9 Courses and Education

Our courses and educational services based on providing seminars, consulting, training & performance support tools, as well as tactical and operational support.

International and local courses for Custom Supervisors - courses to be held in two yearly sessions for a duration of 6 weeks

  • 1st session –Canine theory , selecting canines, detection training ( all type dogs )and health status for all Custom Supervisors.

  • 2nd session- Education , training and testing of newly hired Custom Supervisors for K9 Department

K9 Training Courses

  • Plan and strategy for training detection dogs to search for drugs (theoretical and practical)

  • GCS K9 Narcotic Canines

  • Training detection dogs to search explosives (theoretical and practical )

  • Training course for money detection

  • Canine medical and feeding training courses education

  • First aid

  • Health implications