Vision & Mission


A modernization professional service company with the aim of partnering the transformation of countries into financial and economic centers of excellence.

Our vision is to:

  • Establish global presence and be an effective, progressive organization providing world class services which creates economic and social value.

  • Be a strategic partner to our clients in business transformation and providing an attractive investment environment.

  • Bring our clients into the WCO 21st century that allows increased safety and security as well as trade facilitation, revenue collection, cost-efficiency, and enhanced customer service.


To shape the future of attractive, competitive and integrated borders for countries by making the borders more open and connected without barriers on a single platform with advanced technologies and one-stop facilities through our end-to-end capabilities and value added services.

GCS expand its capabilities to serve our clients by developing and delivering:

  • Business process management platform which streamlines the business processes and realize clients’ business objectives faster.

  • Integrated set of tolerated modernization packages driven form Technology-based transformation.

  • Modern technologies, infrastructure, facilities, equipment, and practices to help our clients stay competitive.

  • Capacity building programs to prepare our clients with specialized niche skills and expertise and ensure optimum organizational structure.

  • Partnership with both international and national bodies.

Values & Beliefs: We will pursue our mission, vision, and customer promise of personal service with a passion for:


Building trust with customers, communities, suppliers and one another by doing what is right, keeping our promises, being a good citizen, complying with regulations and laws, and honoring rules of engagement.

Personal Ownership

Taking personal responsibility for the outcome by anticipating needs, being resourceful and following through until the job is done.


Working across organizational and cultural boundaries to achieve extraordinary performance and deliver personal service to customers. Excellence Building a culture based on excellence in thought and in execution to better serve customers.