Going digital is a revolution

E-government Solutions

  • GCS leads the e-Transform Initiative using a modern technologies through designing and implementing transformative projects in the country.

  • GCS provides technical advice and investment support for the design and roll out of e-government solutions and applications.

  • GCS through a partnership with technology leaders offers a comprehensive suite of e-Government solutions built on modern Technology.

  • GCS is recognize that e-Government offers not just a new technology, but also a mechanism to transform the way government operates. Moving services online involves redesigning organizational structures and processes according to the stakeholders’ and businesses’ needs. It also entails integrating services across different governmental agencies

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Management Consulting Services:
  • Development of e-Government Strategies

  • Business Process Review and Re-engineering

  • Performance Measurement

  • Projects and Program Management

Information technology Services
  • Business Process Automation

  • Enterprise Application Integration

  • Application Modernization

  • Deployment and Support

  • Data Conversion, Migration and Maintenance

  • Security and Infrastructure deployment and support

  • Mobile Applications

  • An End to End Synergy Solutions.

Information technology projects and products

We have delivered several complex projects dealing with all aspects of governmental responsibility - from departmental administration to information and service delivery.

  • e-Customs

    A Comprehensive suite of integrated and robust component with intuitive backend systems to support critical Customs operations

    • Provide online facility for Customs to receive import, export and transit declaration online as a single submission

    • Multiple agencies and business stakeholders play their roles interactively and collaboratively, for imports, exports, transits, and transshipments.

    • Online validation and processing of license/permit applications and Customs declarations

    • Electronic work-flow for processing declarations , payment , release and clearance

    • Facilities for Traders to track the progress of their applications/declarations in real time

    • Data harmonization and standardization among ministries, agencies and customs department

    • System provides for various communication channels, between Customs system and other enterprise systems and third party system can use this platform to manage their operations and tracking consignments.

    • Providing robust Risk management solution for compliance

    • Incorporating Integrated Tariff structure based on international standards

    • Collecting due revenue , plugging revenue leakages , and Improving budgeting and forecasting efficiency

  • e-Forms

    • A fully-integrated Technology platform that facilitates fast, economical streamlining and automation of key processes and activities across the entire organization.

    • Full suite of document management and workflow as well as document scanning, indexing and retrieving capabilities that support creation of a green office model for all department.

    • Streamline document creation, leverage existing work process, facilitate collaboration in document drafting, and provide a central repository for storage, with secure and efficient search and retrieval of documents across the department.

    • Highly efficient ready-to-use business processes for widely used scenarios, that are similar in nature for most of the organizations

    • Full suite of human resources management systems that supports all aspects of the HR function e.g Human Resources ,Recruitment, Training\Learning Management , and dashboards

  • e-Container Terminal

    • A single integrated, real-time view of all operations and data, allowing you to make smarter decisions faster, resulting in improved productivity and operational efficiency.

    • Yard, vessel Load / unload and Equipment usage planning, aiding management decision-making by monitoring vessel operation performance

    • Easily configurable, Accessible via PC desktop, Windows thin clients and mobile applications running on RTG, ECH, STS..etc.

    • Resource Management system supports resource planning and management for labor and equipment to save terminal running costs

    • Terminal’s warehousing functionality allows you to easily and efficiently manage cargo storage.

    • Interfacing to third-party systems using UN/EDIFACT standards

    • An extensive range of reports including Statistics & Analysis Reports for all stockholders

    • Automatically charge for all cargo and vessel activities, including yard storage, in real time, with fully configurable invoice creation

    • Agent/Operator can create different types of requests through web portal, the client registers the visit at a time convenient for him.

  • e-Maintance

    • Real-time visibility into asset usage, extend the useful life of equipment, improve return on assets

    • Unifying processes for wide-ranging enterprise asset management functions across multiple sites.

    • Streamline planning, scheduling, routing and work completion with improved work order management.

    • Organize work based on priority, resources and assets.

    • Long- and short-term scheduling; preventive, reactive and condition-based maintenance; crew management; resource optimization and performance indicators.

  • e-Tracking

    • Integrated global positioning systems via satellites to track Trucks, Consignment, and drivers in real time.

    • Real-time updates and alerts using data that is sent directly from the vehicle to the software operator.

    • Set up routes and give directions to assigned destinations