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What we Offer

  • Scope

    Provide physical, technical and operational security consultancy to Kuwait General Administration of Customs.

    GCS has extensive experience in providing Consultancy, Design, Implementation, Testing and Training for Security Schemes.

  • Task Forces

    GCS have a dedicated special team to provide installation, maintenance and operation services for all categories of security systems.

    Engineers, Operators and technicians are subjected to extensive training programs in the security systems such as , maintenance courses, operation courses, installation courses and radiation awareness courses allowing them to fully utilize the systems we provide and assuring the reliability and consistency in providing excellent service .

Homeland security Projects

X-ray detection systems (baggage –body-cargo)

GCS provides X-ray detection systems that are capable of offering numerous features to enhance the ability to identify smuggled goods and contraband. These systems are equipped with diverse analysis tools helping the inspection process in indicating any threat potential. GCS provided Kuwait customs with different categories of X-ray scanners

Radiation & biological detection systems

According to IAEA recommendations the best way to prevent smuggling of radioactive material is to deploy radiation and biological detections system in the borders and ports . GCS delivers the most enhanced and advanced technology radiation detection system for Kuwait customs according to IAEA strengthen assessment conducted in Kuwait NOV 2008.

CCTV Systems

Through its authorized suppliers GCS provides a complete and advanced CCTV solution for Kuwait custom.
GCS provides installation ,operation, maintenance & training for the CCTV systems in the mentioned locations and also technical support 24/7.

Security Control Room

Advanced central space equipped with large, intelligent, integrated security tools and equipment, perfected to meet modern standards of efficiency.

Integrated services supports Kuwait customs to capture and analyze real-time / high quality video from multiple inputs from multiple locations and make time-critical decisions with perfect confidence, operates reliably in a 24/7 environment.

Perimeter Intrusion detections System

Perimeter / Fence Intrusion Detection Systems (PIDS/FIDS) as it’s name stated is a system deploy in a facility to monitor and detect any form of intrusion from the perimeter into the protected premise.  There are many types of PIDS / FIDS system, each type using different technology to do the detection, such as vibration, Acoustic Movement etc. the medium use of the detection also comes in many form like fiber optic cable, vibration sensor, micro wave etc.

Access Control System & Public Address (PA)

Among the most basic of security concepts in today world is access control. It's so fundamental that it applies to security of any type. Everything from getting into your car to launching nuclear missiles is protected. Because of its universal applicability to security, access control is one of the most important security concepts to understand. in cooperation with the most professional consultants & suppliers GCS provides Kuwait customs with advanced and integrated Access control systems & PA systems.

Narcotics ,explosives & chemical detection system

In cooperation with market leaders GCS deliver explosives , narcotics and chemical detection systems for Kuwait customs on different borders and ports as a part of its continues efforts to prevent the illegal movement of contraband and threats.

Safety manual

GCS presented a complete safety procedures for all Kuwait customs ports & sites.

Decision Making and Commander Unit

Risk Assessment/Targeting Centre has been of growing interest to governments, GCS is playing an integral part through utilization of operating environment together with technological developments and enhancements to set-up a state of are centers to support these needs.
The center provide an increased ability and capacity to better manage and integrate multiple information and intelligence flows and serve as a nexus for gathering information from a wide variety of sources, both internal and external , allowing a more holistic picture of individual risks and of the risk environment as a whole.


  • Management of information

  • a nationally coordinated approach to risk assessment and targeting;

  • Coordination of intelligence and operational activities.

  • Ability to manage border risks holistically across the border sector

Functions of Center

  • Management of information

  • Management of selectivity and targeting criteria

  • Providing operational support through 24x7x365

  • Coordination of risk related information exchange

  • Providing a platform for better coordinated border management

  • Provides a set of tools, which allows to remotely mange and support the operation of X-Ray equipment, detections systems , CCTVS, etc.

Targeting Center Tools

  • Customs Platform Tracking solutions CCTV Notifications & Alerts Advanced communication Network WCO Tools Decisioin Support

Detection Systems Tools